Here’s Sam Copson, He’s from the UK and is part of the Ministry of education program (MEN) since March 2016, He has enjoyed his stay in Cali teaching english to kids in public schools and he’s more that willing to help you and share his experience and the program’s results if you are unsure about applying to our programs.

You can contact him at:


Emma Hoban’s Testimony – MEN program

Internships Colombia – Video Presentation of “Colombia Bilingue Program”

Hi l am profesor Costa Pimpilidis from Australia. I have been working in Baru Island for the past 5 months. I have experience teaching in Colombia and other parts of the world but in Baru this is the most unique school l have ever worked in. My experience has been amazing as you get involved with all aspects of how the school runs, for example updating the curriculum, participating in teachers workshops. I have decided to continue with my tenor at the school as l love all aspects of the school and it’s community. The students here are amazing they are always willing to learn and treat you with such respect, it’s the best teaching experience l have had in my life. I really would love to see how these students progress into the real world once they finish their studies this is the most interesting thing l love about this job. A “Big Thank You” to Internships Colombia Team for this wonderful experience.
Costa Pimpilidis’, Profesor Costa Pimpilidis from Australia